Volume levels

I am losing my mind with this volume thing. I am the one that posted about a week ago about should the sound waves on my screen look a certain size?
So I felt I made the best recording in my garage with carpet on the floor and lots of things to dampen sound. I angled seating so not facing walls. Mics are facing away from each other. I had my headphones on and was moderating the sound of taking the whole time. Using a Podtrak P4 and Samsun q2u mics.
I put it into Audacity and the waves are almost non-existent. So I bumped up Amplify to the suggested -3 and the -2. The waves are still very small. How much should I Amplify to see the waves ? Also worry about all the interviews I have done in the past couple months if I am doing the audios at the right db. Or when I send it to the podcast platforms they are going to be like "hey fool every one of these is at a different level it is chaos. Some are too quiet some are too loud. I try to stick to that -3 or -2 db with Amplify but that is not always possible.
I feel I learn so much with all the effects but with where the volume is supposed to be I have no idea.

The picture is with no changes to amplify and with -2

There are different measures of volume: peak & RMS …


Your podcast platform should specify what RMS & peak they require.

Also I have recorded the same way with the others, so why did this one import with less sound?