Volume Level Controls not Working Correctly MAC OS

Audacity - 3.5.1
Macbook Air - Sonoma 14.5
Microphon - Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Connected via USB-C

I’m having an issue where I will set my recording level in audacity and no matter what the level is set to, it records a very low volume level. But, if I pause recording and enable silent monitoring and change the volume level then it suddenly starts recording at the correct volume level and will adjust the volume if I change the level. It will then record at this correct level for a little while, but after I pause an resume recording a couple of times, the volume level drops very low again.

Has anyone else had this issue or found a fix for this. I’ll link to a video where I show how it starts low even with the volume set to 100, but jumps up really high if I mess with the volume slider. I couldn’t get it to drop back down to a low volume in the video, but as soon as I stopped screen recording and when back to test it, the volume dropped again.

Link to Video of Issue

It’s normal with USB mics.

Usually the Audacity recording level control doesn’t work at all.

You can run the Amplify effect after recording.

If a microphone doesn’t have a recording-level knob they are usually calibrated low so loud sounds don’t clip (distort) the analog-to-digital converter inside the mic.

Many USB “podcast mics” have a recording level knob and all good USB audio interfaces have knobs.

That’s good to know, thank you! :slight_smile: