Volume in recording with Audacity

Trying to get voice to show 18db on monitoring. Stays at about 30ish. Followed all recs, now what? with Mtrack solo interface and decent microphone.

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Does your “decent microphone” require phantom power ?, (i.e. is it a condenser mic).
Is the phantom power on the interface switched on ?.

Yep, its on.

Any suggestions :thinking:

Looks like im only using 9% of my volume.

Big plug is connected to mic and small red one is connected to headphones. Troubleshooting now. Interface is connected to my laptop via usb

M-Audio interface spec is 2 channel 48000Hz 16-bit …
https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/A1CJsuHRh0L.pdf #

(also set Audacity project rate at 48000Hz).

A couple of things -
A dynamic mic is about 20dB less sensitive than a condenser. And most audio interfaces are “optimized” for condenser mics (maybe not enough gain for a dynamic unless it’s in front of a guitar amp or drum).

But, you should be able to get to -18dB with “normally loud” voice within a few inches of the microphone. If you are recording birds in a tree, probably not. :wink:

Also, if you record in mono with a “stereo” (2-input) interface like yours Audacity cuts the signal in half (-6dB) so that when both inputs are mixed you won’t exceed 0dB or clip (distort). If you record in stereo you’ll get the full signal but without the other (guitar) input you’ll have silence on the right channel and you’ll have to delete it (to make mono) or duplicate the microphone track into the other side.

If you have a “studio mic” they are usually directional (cardioid) and “side address” which means you talk/sing into the front side, not the end or the back side. Sound from other directions will be reduced/muffled.

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