VoiceTrap VST Plug-in help

I downloaded the 2003 South Park theme from the official website, and ever since I’ve been trying to split vocals.

I tried YoGen, it worked, but there was no bass and I heard a bit of vocals.

I tried Center Pan Remover, no bass.

I’m trying VoiceTrap. It works great, only problem is…the song has a cybery-computerized sound effect on it. How do I go about correcting this? Thanks. :smiley:

Most vocal removal effects work by removing all sound that is panned exactly in the centre of the stereo mix. Any vocal signal that is not dead centre will not be removed. If the bass is dead centre, that will be removed - if anything is dead centre, it will be removed. That’s what the effect does (and why the Audacity effect is called “Center Pan Remover”.

There is a non-free commercial product called “Extraboy” that claims to be able to remove, or isolate vocals, using advanced digital techniques. It is a VST plug-in, so you would need the VST bridge installed in Audacity (get that from the main Audacity web site). I’ve not used it myself, so I can’t say if it’s any good, or even if it works with Audacity, but there is a free demo version available from their site. http://www.paulrharvey.co.uk/elevayta/product13.htm

The other option you could try would be to make a copy of the track - use centre pan remover on one copy, and use a low pass filter (to isolate the bass) on the other copy, then mix the two copies.