voiceover recording

Hello, I use audacity for a voiceover which will later be used in Adobe Premiere Elements 14 video editting. I use a RØDE Podcaster (attachement) , but I have a problem with the playback of the recording that sounds like I’m talking into a tin pail who can tell me how I can adjust the settings or possibly effects to prevent this because the sound recording is completely not good and not really usable.

An example would be useful, see how to attach sound to a post here … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-an-audio-sample/29851/1

Try unchecking (unticking) software playthrough.

If you are in a small room you have to stop the sound which bounces off the walls getting to the microphone.

The attachement.
I use an plopfilter (screen before the micro)

That sound like a good recording to me, no “tin pail” effect when I play it on my machine.

It could be that your computer’s sound-card is applying a pseudo-stereo/3D/reverb effect, so when you play any audio it adds a “tin pail” effect.

If that is the case the “tin pail” effect will also occur with store-bought audio , not just home-made recordings.

It sounds like a natural voice here, too. Can you play the sound on something else like a personal music player?


This is a simple left-right stereo sound test I recorded. I’m not a performer, but it does sound human.


This is how I found a computer was “helping me out” by adding effects. The Left only and Right only parts of the test failed. The opposite speaker wasn’t silent like I recorded it.


OK thanks for the response, I will try again with the same text.
If I do not obtain the correct result, I’ll be back.