Voicemeeter virtual input not recording in Audacity

I’m trying to record some audio from my laptop along with an external mic in Audacity, using Voicemeeter. My mic is connected fine as the recording device and is working, but when I select any of the Voicemeeter options as the playback device it won’t record the sound at all. Sorry if this is a question that’s been solved before, but I’m not super well-versed in audio at all!

Getting a single audio channel computer (Windows) and a single channel sound program (Audacity) to produce a multi-channel, real-time show is not for the easily frightened.

Has this ever worked? In general, it’s a good idea to post The Goal. Are you producing a podcast? Interview? Sometimes we can come up with a simpler way to produce the show.

Voicemeeter reads like a gift from the angels, doesn’t it? And it would be if it was running on a machine that wasn’t doing anything else. There are a number of other sound programs that can interfere and cause problems. Make sure Skype, Zoom, Meetings, Games and all other programs are closed and not napping in the background.

Do a Clean Windows Shutdown. Hold SHIFT while you Shutdown. Not regular Shutdown and not Restart. Wait. Start. This make take a bit longer than you think because Clean Shutdown really does clean out everything.

Set up Voicemeeter and Audacity. Does it work now? Are the symptoms different?


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