Voice tuning on recordings

Hi I’m a newbie I downloaded the most recent audacity and the conversion software yesterday. I run a small amateur acapella singing group and, as a gift, I’d like to give everyone a recording of us all singing at our absolute best (i.e. tweaked a bit) What I’m looking for is to make the notes absolutely bang on and phrases sung to the end of the bar - that kind of thing. I have submitted my own recordings to other people who have done exactly this and recommended Audacity as the best software for an absolute beginner. Can anyone recommend any lessons specifying how to do what I’m aiming for?

I haven’t tried any of these but here are some free pitch correction plug-ins that I know of:


Pros use Auto Tune or Melodyne but they are not free.

Also: do your intermediate work from a lossless recording. E.g. .WAV file, NOT MP3. Each time you load and save an MP3, you will do further damage to it.

Here are some built-in and nyquist tools that come with Audacity and that I have used for similar projects:

Edit Menu: Copy, Paste and Duplicate
Select Menu: At Zero Crossings
Change Pitch, Change Tempo, Sliding Stretch, Fade In, Fade Out, other Fades see:
Effect Menu:Audacity - Audacity Manual AND
Effect Menu: Nyquist - Audacity Manual

Also, if you are working with multiple tracks that you need to keep carefully aligned:
Sync-Locked Track Groups

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank you both for your help. I’ll give some of them a go.