Voice (source) live forwarding *request*

Hi guys, first you made a great job with Audacity so far!

Right now, I just try to get a “noise redution filter” for my microphone while I’m streaming Live on Twitch.tv with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software: http://www.obsproject.com).
Or for like Skype or other Voice programms.

I found a Video like this: (this should make it clear what I want to have for Audacity)

But this is just with Adobe Audition. So it would be cool if there would be a simply forwarding to another source, like the Virtual Audio Cable Line1.
So you could use Audition LIVE to reduce noise in your microphone. I guess this is the most common usage of Audacity like I know.
The problem here for me is, that I’m not a YouTube Podcaster. So I can’t clear my sound from the record.
I do it “live”. So what I would need is just a forwarding to another audio source.

For this, it would be cool too if there would be a “save profile - create smartstart” option or something like that.
Means that you save the “noise reduction” settings and all stuff you set on your microphone. And it creates a shortcut for this.
So when you double click the shortcut, audacity is opened with all the settings you made for live-forwarding and is minimized in the system tray.
Or just a CMD or something like that?! O.o a more resource saving way. I don’t know how much resource Audacity would need for simply reduce noise of microphone + forwarding it to another audio line. I’m just mean without GUI and all the stuff it would take less resources, right?!

I hope my feature request makes sense to you guys.
Twitch.tv is a big comming scene right now. Or live streaming at all.
You could make an INFO like “Please pronounce Audacity in your stream-description to support us!”.
So when people create a “live forwarding” method, they get the information that it would be nice, if you write an info about Audacity in your stream description of your channel.
I would put Audacity in my info channel in the hardware / software list (F.A.Q) with a link to the Audacity website. :slight_smile:
http://www.twitch.tv/dedrasc (see info below the video player area)

This could be a big way to spread Audacity to more people out there.

I hope this all makes sense to you, and I hope you like the idea of it.


All those features are based on Audacity working live in real time. Audacity doesn’t do that. Audacity is a post production editor. Capture and then edit. Two steps. I think there’s a feature request for that in a future version.

Well, yes I know the it’s post production.
But Audacity is “possible” to record a microphone, or?
So, Audacity is able to get the microphone input source. Then Audacity is able to “post” edit that input. Like reducing noise in background and so on.

The only thing, which Audacity isn’t supporting yet is “forwarding” the edited “source” to another hardware source like “Virtual Audio Cable”.

Yes, I don’t know “how fast” Audacity could do that. Or is able to do that with the current code of the programm.
But it SHOULD be possible in a way to do that :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure.
And Audacity is pretty “light”. And that could make it PRETTY good for a live broadcast. Where the CPU usage is pretty high.
Because of the live encoding of video, and playing the game one one rig (PC).

That’s why I would totally love to use Audacity to reduce noise in microphone, use the filters and cool stuff to make the voice sounds like a radio moderator ^^
And “simply” forwarding it to a sound hardware (Virtual Audio Line1 or so).
Then OBS (streaming software) can capture the Line1 (with the edited sound). U even could use this for Skype as “input” :slight_smile:

but Audacity not able to apply effects to the live audio stream from the microphone. Audacity is (currently) only able to apply effects to the audio data that has already been written to disk. Working on “live” streams and working on “static” data are very different things and to be able to work on live streams would require major structural changes to Audacity.

“Live” (“real-time”) effects are the most popular feature request, but because of the scale of changes required it is unlikely to happen any time soon (though we can add your vote for this feature if you wish). If I understand your request correctly, it depends on Audacity being able to do “real time” processing.

Yes, nearly “real time”.
To capture the Mic is possible. Like I understand, Audacity is editing stuff from a hard drive.
But to “add” a mode to put the Mic voice into RAM, edit it there (just noise cancellation effect for the start), and send the edited data to a new audio hardware “driver” (like VAC, Virtual Audio Cable) should be possible even without major changes of Audacity itself.

I don’t know the structure or any API of Audacity YET.
Just saying (compared how good and clean the code is), it could be increased with that new separated module. I don’t mean that u need the full 100% editing stuff from Audacity. Just add more Effects and stuff step by step.

So first this world be like an plugin for Audacity :slight_smile:
Hope this makes sense. If not watch the YouTube video linked above. There u can see what I mean. That’s not real time too. Sure there is a little delay like 50ms but, you can delay the webcam 50ms too so that your voice is still synched.

I know there are some other programs doing this functionality. But Audacity is great and should be increased by today’s needed functions. And this is, live broadcasting. Like YouTube was (and still is) before.

Just a request for actual needs.
And first, a simple noise cancellation would be a great first step.
Because sssssh in Mic is the main problem about live broadcasting.

And first, a simple noise cancellation would be a great first step.

Have you tried to get regular, normal Audacity Noise Removal to work? It’s not simple or even always helpful. It’s a two-pass system.

Run it once and do this, then run it again and do that.

It’s not like the automatic, handy traffic noise cancellation on your cellphone.

We got into it with another poster who insisted we were going to turn his rumbly, noisy game commentary into a studio presentation. I don’t know that he ever got there.

You’re much further ahead getting rid of the noise before you press record.


Moved to “Adding Features”.

No. Audacity can already send audio to and receive audio from virtual audio devices like VAC or VB-Audio Virtual Cables .

What Audacity cannot do is run an effect on live audio (input or output). That is what your feature request amounts to.


Yes. That’s true.
Well I tested the noise cancelation. I know that it is “2 way”.
But the sssssh should be (in the same circumstances) always be the same.
Same cooler fan sounds, same room and all. Means if you have set it once, it should have an effect for the future too, or not?! O.o

Means, if you analyse the sssshhh of your mic. Which should be nearly the same always.
It should effect it for the rest of the time too?!

Well, I guess we need to switch to Adobe for this “noise cancelation” thing for a while.
But still, Audacity is a pretty nice thing of a software :slight_smile:

Oh, didn’t know that. Good to know. Then yes, it’s the real time effect. Which runs through RAM for sure.
Would be still cool, if this would be added “sooner”. With just “simple” effects. What’s simple, we can fight for XD… ^^
It even could be, an extra outsourced thing. Which uses the Audacity codes (classes) to get those effects.
Like only a CMD without GUI first. Like I said before. No clue about the Audacity code at all. But often you can “out source” stuff to get those things faster to work.
Until you recode the whole programm to integrate the “new feature”.

Thx for moving it to “Adding Features”.

Your vote will be counted.

You should use Audition or some other real-time DAW in the meantime.

It is possible to record real-time effects in Audacity by recording the output of a real-time VST effect host sent by a virtual cable, but you have the additional requirement of streaming the audio to OBS, whereas Audacity’s software playthrough latency is high on Windows and not adjustable.

You would be better to use a real-time DAW or real-time VST effect host with a virtual cable, or try Windows noise cancellation, or get a better mic.


Well, I have a BluYeti mic.
No problems with it. I can hear my PC fan in the background a bit.
Bit with good adjustment. And / or moving the PC away a bit. That’s no problem anymore.

I’m more for others :slight_smile:
I like Audacity, and I want to get it better. That’s all.