Voice recording is silent [HELP]

Yes, Audacity is listed, and is enabled.

“Set it up normally like you would expect it to work… Did it follow you OK or did it jump around, and did it change anything?..”
I tried it, nothing happened. The recording was still a thin, flat line.

I wasn’t clear. There was an ancient problem lost in the mists of time where the graphics on the screen didn’t follow the actual sound setting. When you slowly changed the Audacity recorder slider volume, the graphic wouldn’t follow your cursor. It would jump back and forth as if possessed. Is yours possessed?

You have one of two symptoms. You’re recording the wrong thing or you’re recording the right thing with the recording volume turned all the way down. We remind people frequently that Audacity gets its sound from Windows, not the actual device. So all sorts of demons and gremlins can creep into the process.

And that’s where we are now. Demons and gremlins. You are attracting the attention of the senior officials for the wrong reasons. You just want to make a recording and go home. We would really, really, really want to find out why your system doesn’t work so we can prevent this error in the future.

Your problems fails the Koz Evil Agent Test. If somebody wrote me a big check to intentionally cause this problem, how would I do it? I don’t know. First because you’re on Windows and I’m not, but even past that, I don’t think I could cause what you have.

And that brings us to A Presence. You’re not the only user on your machine. When was the last time you ran that virus check that takes all night? Not that quickie thing that runs behind your apps, but the long, thorough one that takes the machine off-line for a while.


You may be able to satisfy the requirement of making a simple voice recording and go home…with your phone. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve recommended stop trying to record on the computer if you’re having problems recording on the computer.