Voice modulation plugins?


My 12-year old daughter has used Logic Pro in media studies at school. She liked the ability to modify recordings of her voice, such as making her voice sound like multiple voices, i.e. a choir. She wants to do this at home but we are a Windows house - so no Logic Pro. I don’t really know what she was doing and don’t know anything about Digital Audio Workstations.

Can anyone guess what functionality she was using? Would equivalent plugins be available for Audacity?

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such as making her voice sound like multiple voices, i.e. a choir.

That would be a chorus (or harmonize) effect. I don’t see chorus in my list of effects, so it doesn’t seem to be built-in. [u]Here[/u] are some links to some plug-ins, or you can Google “Chorus effect plug-in” or “Chorus effect VST”. (VST is the most common effect plug-in protocol.)

Some 3rd-party effects won’t work with Audacity* so you’ll have to try it.

With a “special effect” like Chorus you probably won’t get the exact-same results with a different plug-in but you should get something similar.

…Most of the time vocal processing is more subtle compression, equalization, and reverb, and it’s becoming common to use Auto-Tune or Melodyne pitch correction. In most (not all) professional recordings these are not heard as effects, they just improve the sound of the vocal. Auto-Tune and Melodyne are not compatible with Audacity, but Melodyne can run stand-alone. (There is a free pitch-correction called Gsnap that may work with Audacity.)

It’s also fairly common in the pro world to “double track” (or triple-track, etc,) the vocal, sometimes with the singer harmonizing with herself. Oh… There is a also an effect called Automatic Double Tracking (or ADT), but it usually sounds like an “effect”.


  • If you buy a commercial plug-in they will usually have a list of officially supported “hosts”. (Sometimes it will work but it’s not officially supported, probably because most people who use Audacity don’t want to pay for a plug-in.) With free plug-ins it’s usually hit-or miss because developers who are giving them away can’t buy all of the DAWs & audio editors for testing & debugging.

If your daughter is “serious”, you might want upgrade from an audio editor (Audacity) to a full [u]DAW[/u]. But, these things are complicated, and the terminology and concepts are complicated, and it’s not easy to learn two different applications or switch back-and-forth between two different applications (and it’s not practical use two different applications on one project).

BlueCat audio have a free Chorus plugin which works in Audacity, (no strings attached) …

There is a Multi-Voice Chorus plugin specifically for Audacity … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/chorus-effect/26335/1

Thank you very much for the helpful replies to my question.