Voice Meeter + Audacity


I am having a problem with Voice Meeter and Audacity and I can’t seem to identify the cause.

I want to record voice and guitar separately. Guitar was recorded fine. But when I am recording voice and voice only, Voice Meeter records only when it detects noise, similar to the Audacity function “sound activated recording” which is meant not to record anything unless it detects some sort of sound. This means that when the silences between the lyrics occur, it stops recording. And it activates again at the first sound. But it’s almost always too late because it’s skipping my first syllables of every word. The sound activated recording option is disabled in Audacity, Audacity is also set to record via Voicemeeter, and I can’t seem to find such an option within Voice Meeter itself.

When I recorded the guitar I didn’t have this issue because the sound was continuous. I am using a Blue Yeti mic, I have tried playing with the gain, it’s not from the gain. Also, if I record with Audacity and without Voice Meeter at all, everything is fine, so the issue I believe lies with Voice Meeter.

Below is the link of the sample so you can get an idea how the recording stops between verses (can’t attach mp3 here).


Thanks in advance for any insight!

Support with VoiceMeeter is provided by the author: http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Voicemeeter/index.htm. But if they give you an answer, please feel free to post it here.