Voice Manipulation


I am wanting to get a voice effect like one I have heard. A demo can be heard at… money affirmations mp3 DOT COM

It would be described as maybe having a little echo. Sounds like it is coming from beyond. I have played around with all settings but I get nothing even close. Perhaps there is a plugin?

Any help in the right direction would be great. I want to produce medatations so need this kind of effect on my voice for that.

Please note I am not affiliated with the site mentioned. I am simply using it as a demo to illustrate the sound better.

Thanks in advance.

Echo/Reverb. This is one of those tools that everybody programs and nobody ever gets it right because it’s a lot more complex than you think. I think Audacity 1.3 comes with either FreeVerb or GVerb and there is Effect > Echo you can mess with.

Talking in a large cave … or heaven.


As Koz says, but also the original recording needs to be “close mic’d” (microphone close to the person speaking) and use a pop shield (blast shield) http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=pop+shield

Thanks a million for you input. I was not able to get the effect from Gverb as it was too harsh but I turned the echo on a fraction 0.2 and Deacy 0.1to got a better effect.

I also played around with how close I was to the mic and that made a huge difference. I wasn’t that far away to begin with but it is amazing how it changed when I went just that little bit closer. I do have a pop sheild so I am all good to go. Back to the drawing board on recording though.

Thanks so much for both your assistance and saving me from hours more of pulling my hair out! The end result will be much better now.

Freeverb can be subtler and less metallic than Gverb.
Attached is a before-after mp3 (in zip file) of how Freeverb sounds with all the settings on 0.5 (except Predelay which is zero).
freeverb before-after example_mp3 in zip.zip (461 KB)

Exactly. Convincing echoes should not slap you in the head.

Everyone is in love with digital manipulation, but if you just can’t get what you want without licensing fees, put a speaker and microphone in the bathroom or large, bare bedroom. Gently mix it in as an effects track behind the performer.

Warning, that might require standing up and physical activity. Ask your doctor if this is right for you.