Voice Levels too low for Audacity

how do you download the ACX on the audicity…I’m having the worse time passing the ACX, none of my tracks are passing
most of them are two low. I’m i not speaking loud enough? Like i dont know what to do to make it higher?

It’s just the worst idea to post an open-ended question to somebody else’s post. I moved you to your own posting and topic.

As we go.


Which Audacity do you have? Some of tools change with version number.

There are two ACX-Related handy tools. We publish ACX Check which checks the three file qualities that ACX is going to want perfect before they will even consider your work.


We also publish the Audiobook Mastering Suite of tools which guarantee two of the three ACX file specifications. Depending on your Audacity version, there is a rapid shortcut rather than applying all the tools individually.


Let us know.


There is a mic level slider in Audcaity

And others (hidden) in Windows …
Windows recording devices, microphone properties, levels.png

Many home systems, microphone, preamps and interfaces, have lights that come on to tell you how you’re doing. If you tell us what your microphone is we can guide you. Some microphones, like the popular Yeti, don’t tell you a thing and it’s up to you to figure out how loud you are using other methods.

You can use Audacity for that. A good goal is to shoot for blue waves at half-way or a bit shorter. The bouncing sound meter should bounce between about -10dB to -6dB, like this.

Many home microphones record with low volume right out of the box and Audacity will present with a dead flat line and little if any bouncing sound meter. Those may not be recoverable.

So let’s start there.