Voice isolation in a mono track

I have a recording of a party where people were discussing an intended assault on someone. There is a lot of music thumping on a CD player but I can hear about 70 per cent of the conversation. It was recorded in mono. The Voice isolation feature may not work unless the track had been in stereo which is a pity.
So I need someone clever to tell me as I am a new user, how can I get rid of all the crappy music and isolate the conversation?
Or can I send the conversations to anyone who knows what they are doing to do this? And where?


That is correct. Audacity’s vocal isolation effect requires a true stereo recording.

Take the evidence to the police, or a suitably qualified “audio forensics” expert. If you try to “improve” the audio yourself it becomes inadmissible as evidence.
Also, the forum policy rules do not allow us to get involved in legal cases.

ok - so it is the case that there is no other effects option or function that I can use to exclude the music from a mono track…? What would audio forensics people use?

As I’m not a professional in audio forensics, I don’t know what they use, (though I am aware of some of the products in that market). They would certainly have access to much more sophisticated (and expensive), purpose made software, but just as importantly they would have training and experience using it. They should also be fully aware of what is, and what is not admissible as evidence in a court of law.

What would audio forensics people use?

They may not. Most of the solutions you see in the movies and TV are pure Hollywood and don’t exist in real life. There is also the warning that if the sound quality is bad enough, three people can listen to it and hear three different speeches.

The best you can do with hidden recordings is use them to guide your own personal actions and behavior, not turn them into proof or evidence. That and they are illegal in many locations.