Voice is manipulated, like yuk it sounds

hi all

just joined in and uses Audacity for some while now.
The problem is:
When I record my voice (on a Logitech Deskop Microphone: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/webcam_communications/microphones/devices/258&cl=nl,nl )it’s sound is manipulated.
It sounds like I speak with the yuk kind of tone.
How can I change that?

I assume it is handy that I import such a file which more clarify my problem?!Soon.

You’re right, it would be good to hear what you mean, then we can help better.

But your results will always be limited with a cheap microphone, so don’t expect miracles.

This is the voice:

And a review by a different user on a place where you could buy the mike said he’s students could hear his voice perfectly, so I assume his real voice.

To me it looks like there are two problems:

  1. Low quality mic / soundcard.

  2. You’re talking too close to the mic, it’s picking up plosives (P’s and B’s) and you’re clipping a little bit. Talk a little further, use a pop filter, and make sure the input volume is adjusted properly. It won’t sound great, but it can sound better.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the reply’s. I keep it in mind.
(Might be importing some mic’s from BH Audio/Video in NYC, great shop that is :smiley: