Voice in a crowded restaurant

I use a mini-shotgun on an Edirol R-09 to record interviews, many of which take place in a crowded restaurant. The removing background noise effect doesn’t help with the ambient chatter. Is there a way to either boost or isolate the voice in the foreground, the one closest to the mic? Thanks.

The removing background noise effect doesn’t help

There is no Removing Background Noise Effect. Noise Removal is only useful against a very low continuous sound like air conditioning, pump noises, or microphone hum. Sound that doesn’t change for hours. The tool is useless for sound that is constantly changing like other conversations or airplane passage noises or automotive traffic.

Noise Removal works by “memorizing”’ a portion of the noise (the profile step) and subtracting that exact sound from the show. If there is no exact sound, if the noise is constantly changing, then the tool fails.

The closer you can get with the microphone the better. Shotguns will only take you so far.


Thank you. I understand. I use a Q-Audio mic and try to get it as close as I can to my subject.

Thanks for the advice, Koz.