Voice generator

Hi there,

I have used audacity for editing in the past, but i need to find software that generates voices from text. Is this something that Audacity can do? Or would I need to record in audacity from scratch, or import files in to edit?

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

No, Audacity can’t do that, but if you do an Internet search for “text to speech”, you will find plenty of options (some free, some paid).

Windows 10 has text-to-speech built-in … https://youtu.be/U25vhhE50kI

Dear Steve and Trebor,

Many thanks for your responses. I did try the free online generators - some words are better than others so I was going to see if I can tweak the rogher ones in Audacity? Probably a little ambitious for some of them!

I had no idea about Windows 10 so i will check that out too.

Thanks again,

What kills most voice generators isn’t voice quality. That can actually be pretty good. It’s theater. Emphasis, dipthongs, swing, interp and presentation. A live announcer gets those from experience not the printed word. There’s no Audacity filters for that.

The really good ones are using AI to derive “meaning” in addition to word sounds. Is the sentence sad?