Voice Elimination

I am using Audacity 2.3.0. I can record a Youtube song but when I try to use the Voice elimination effect it erases the entire track.
I have watched several videos about how to eliminate voice but my drop down display on the track is not the same so I cannot convert to mono and invert etc. Moreover, they make no mention of the Voice elimination function in Effects so it seems they are using a different Audacity version.
Any advice?

Voice elimination effect

There is no Voice elimination effect. There is Vocal Reduction and Isolation and the old, legacy Vocal Remover.

Vocal Remover was an automated way to execute the classic Split, Flip and Add technique. Any sound in the middle of a stereo field (lead vocal) would cancel. It stopped being an important effect because it never worked very well or sometimes at all. If you had a mono show or a two track mono show, the whole show would vanish. Most times bass and drums would also vanish. More importantly, many compressed songs (MP3) would fail just from compression damage.

All that and at the end it would give you a mono show, not stereo.

Vocal Reduction and Isolation is the hero effect in the current Audacity.