Voice effects for podcasts

Hello all!

I am a new member and long time basic user of this fine program. However as i have gotten slowly better with this the demands on my have increased to the point in which i am being asked to be able to alter peoples voices on the podcast. Now i would be doing this after recording and i am a novice user so go easy on me. One filter i am lookig for is the ability to make them sound as if they are talking on the phone or over a radio.

Also with some sound effects i am in need of a place i can go to pick up some simple and free bits of music or sound effects (i was Googleing for muzak the other day and i couldn’t find anything simple and free).

I hope you guys can help.

To create a “telephone” effect.

Use Audacity 1.3.6

Apply a “lowpass filter” set to 3000Hz / 12dB per octave
then apply a “highpass filter” set to 300Hz / 12 dB per octave

play around with the settings to customise the effect if you wish.

Some open source music and sounds:

thans handy to know thank you very much.

Is there a wiki page with this kinda thing?