Voice effects, Barbra Streisand

Hey, I am looking to change a recording of “duck sauce: Barbra Streisand” song, replacing Barbra Streisand with my own name. Is this possible?

If so what effects would I need to apply etc.


Say that again? Barbara is singing a song and you want to change a word or phrase within that song?

I’m going with no. There is no Barbara filter that can make you sound like her, and it’s difficult to impossible to remove her voice from the recording.

You stepped into two different frequently requested tools: Make me sound like somebody else and carefully separate the instruments in a mixed performance. Neither exists in a stable, reliable form.


Sorry if it wasn’t clear, its not a song by Barbra Streisand, a song called Barbra Streisand.


I want to replace the "Barbra Streisand " throughout the song (like the one at 43 seconds), with my own name.

Yes …

I couldn’t tell if chorus or flanger had been used on the mans voice so I used both.

Ummm. Do it like that.


I just noticed that David Sky’s Linear Flanger isn’t on the “Nyquist Plug-ins” page …

We aim to make it as complete a repository as possible of Nyquist plug-ins.
Any missing plug-ins completed by David Sky and not already in Audacity are especially welcome.


I can’t remember if Audacity is shipped with David’s Flanger ?

I have attached a copy in a zip file
David Sky’s Linear Flanger.zip (2.31 KB)

Thanks heaps guys, thanks for the quick replies as well.

As you can probably tell I am a noob at this kind of stuff, I can’t really get the sound as good as you did. Can you tell me exactly how you did it?

Thanks again

I used a speech synthesis program to say “Bonzai Bill”.

I slowed “Bonzai Bill” down to make it longer so it would be the same length as “Barbara Streisand”, (this also made it deeper).

The speech synthesis program produced a mono file which I duplicated to make a dual mono version, (looks like stereo).

Then I applied chorus and Flanger* effects to the speech, (one of these effects would be probably be sufficient).

Then replaced “Barbara Streisand” with the lengthened effected “Bonzai Bill”.

(* see zip file attachment on my previous post)

Which speech synthesizing program did you use to get that voice?

Thanks for the help by the way.

Well, yes, that makes a lot more sense. There is no vocal separation, only filtering and fitting. The original YouTube has been pulled due to Violations of Terms of Service.


I know this is an old thread, but we thought you can be the right person to help us (or at

least tell me where we can go) :smiley:

We live in Argentina, and over here there is a tradition that in the last year of school, each

course presents, through a show, it’s own sweatshirt desing, which will replace our school uniform. In this

spectacle we give out for the whole school, there is music, confetti, color smoke, etc.
For the music, we all decided we would like the Barbra Streissand’s “Duck Sauce” (same

as the one in this thread) but in the part where it names her, instead, we want our course

name: “Tercero C” (obviously, said in spanish) and then the typical “ooouuhhhh…” (Lol)

I include the song and the WAV file with the voice recording made with an online voice

synthetizer, to make it easier so you can help or tell us what to do! We would deeply

appreciate it!!

Thank you very much!

12th Grade C

P.S we’re making the presentation Tuesday night ( 5:30 PM Eastern Time), so it would

be cool if we could receive an answer before then.

Again Thanks!

Moderator Note: Zipx link deleted - it is just a plain text file. Gale

I deleted your file because with right-click and save as, it was just a text file, but It seems that if you actually visit http://cid-22315e815904de7d.office.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/Proyect%20Barbra%20streisand.zipx and then look for the small “download” link top left, this downloads the correct 9 MB file. It took me about half an hour to download it at the very slow speed of the server. The large file icons to right of that page do nothing in Firefox.

As for the content of the zip, generally unless you actually had the vocal track as a solo on its own, it would be very hard to replace it with words of your own without damaging the rest of the audio. But as I assume you want to replace the words “Barbra Streisand” at 1 minute with your voice and there is very little else but the voice at that point, it should be easy.

Note there is no “WAV” file in the download I made.


Just Google for:
customize your own barbra streisand

Thanks, Trebor. It isn’t shipped with Audacity 1.3.13. I’ll add it to the WIki Download Nyquist Plug-ins as it seems to be popular and update the page for the plug-ins distributed in 1.3.13.


Neat, just type your word in the box…


Thank you very much!!

The page you gave us was GREAT, it’s exactly what we needed!!! :smiley: , as for the download, sorry about that.

Gobarbra.com is just perfect :laughing: (and now there’s no need to to the manual editing, that’s a relief :mrgreen: )

Thank you very much to all of you!!! Our presentation will be the very best thanks to you guys :smiley: :smiley:

A huge hug from Argentina!

Third C (we’ll be sure to mention this forum to our friends :stuck_out_tongue: )

I need some help and it is related to this thread; I want to change the word carrie for leslie in Europe’s classic song. It is a bit different as there is background instruments. any ideas; I would really appreciate your help as i am completely new with this software.



However because of the reverberation effect used I think its an impossible task to remove the vocal.
Even if you could remove “Carrie” where are you going to get a Mr Poodle-Hair impersonator to sing “Leslie” ?.