Voice effect

I’ve been messing around hoping to create a voice effect that I’ve heard in movies: one that makes it sound like an old memory being thought about or someone reading a letter or something in their head. Any help would be much appreciated.

Anything you do to the audio to make it slightly different from the person’s own voice in the performance will work. It’s best if the effect is right next to the live voice in the performance and note that there’s almost always a visual clue, too. The action slows down, the actor stares straight into the camera, Something Happens. You never hear the “memory” and other dialog at the same time.

Anyway, I would experiment with reducing the bass response and adding a little echo.

Edit > Select > All
Effect > Equaliazation > Droop everything below about 200
Effect > Echo

Sometimes the telephone effect works well here.
Effect > Equalization > Droop everything above 3000 and below 300.

You can simulate the effect by using a different microphone for the “memory.”

Drag the equalizer tool really large to get better control points.
The effects tools in Audacity 1.3 are far better than the ones in 1.2.