Voice editing

I record interviews by telephone, and need to be able to remove my voice from the finished recordings in order to plug them into a dragon transcription program. Regular editing is prohibitively time consuming. Does Audacity have a function that will either record my voice on a separate track from the interviewee’s, of remove my voice from the recording altogether?


Not in post production, no.

Give you can’t afford a full-on broadcast telephone hybrid processor, you get yourself a Skype account with the paid option to connect to a telephone circuit. Then you get yourself Pamela Business or Pamela Professional. Both will record your voice on one side of a high quality WAV stereo sound file and the far side on the other.


There are free products you can try, but beware the ones that do not split the two sides of the conversation and/or insist on saving the work as MP3. Never do production in MP3.


Given you wear a headset with earphones and boom microphone (do not make Skype echo and noise cancel), you can do very well with this setup.


This was a total ratty test clip, but note Denise sounds like she’s on a sofa behind me. She’s actually four time zones away. I could have produced this as a split track, but the goal was to see how far we could get making a mixed show.