Voice editing

I had a go at voice editing and failed miserably, does anyone know a way to make a voice sound more metallic or robot like?

I uploaded an attachment with a voice from a tv show both normal and then manipulated. Are there any effects I could use to change the regular voice into the masked/edited one. (that didn’t make a lot of sense but listening to the attachment might)
Audio.zip (230 KB)

The three effects that spring to mind are Pitch Shift (which Audacity calls Change Pitch), Vocoder, and Ring Modulator. Audacity doesn’t offer the last two effects (which are likely to be much more useful than Pitch Shift).

Here’s a free Software Vocoder that might be useful (I haven’t used it, I use Sound Forge for Vocoder work):

Check the examples page. Whoever made those was laying the effect on really thick, hopefully the software allows you to apply a more subtle effect.


which is sad cos I wanted to try it…


That’s because technically, you’re not editing. You’re performing special effects. I started reading this wondering who was having troubles deleting words and moving sentences around. That’s pretty straightforward stuff.

We did a bit on vocorders here…



The link is not dead - perhaps there was a temporary problem with the web page.

If you want to use the effect within Audacity, the LADSPA plug-in mentioned in that thread works well.