Voice echo removal

Hi, can anyone help me with the removal of voice echo on videos, if someone says Hi for example it’s repeated approx 3/4 times :slight_smile: Many thanks. Rod

Very possibly not. You hit one of the four horsemen. (#1)
There may be a new and improved AI way to deal with this, but I haven’t heard of it.

There’s nothing to key the softare into. You are, in effect, asking the software to remove the voice from itself.


Yes I understand that makes sense, I thought there might be a way of removing duplicate content but I agree it doesn’t seem possible :slight_smile: thanks anyway

There are ways that seem to work until you try them. For example, echoes are almost always a lower volume than the main voice, so you should be able to use Noise-Gate to select the quieter words. Two problems: a Noise-Gate that sensitive will also blow off parts of your main voice, too, making you sound like a bad cellphone. The first time you have an echo that occurs behind the next word, you’re stuck.

There’s also manual editing. Using punch commands to manually select each echo and cover it up with background sounds. That’s a retirement project. You’ll be there when the sun cools off.


LOL yes, I thought of that but I’m not retired and too many hours of video were affected :slight_smile:

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