Voice disguise; hypnosis special effects

I’m a hypnotherapist. I’ve successfully used Audacity in the past to make hypnosis CDs, and now I want to make some more ambitious ones. I know the sparsest basics sound engineering.
(a) A lot of hypnosis CDs have special effects to make the voice, basically, “wierder”. Some are obvious, such as reverb applied to the whole track, but others, for example, making individual words “bounce” and other things - hard to describe - are not. If this is making any sense to anyone, can you tell me how to do any of these things I don’t know how to ask about precisely?

(b) a much easier question to ask: do any Audacity plugins support voice disguise?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

Regards to all


Ring Modulator with LFO disguises the voice pretty well - set Mod depth to 2, frequency to about 800 , sine level to 1, and everything else to 0. (Use the slider to set the frequency, there seems to be a bug in it that makes lots of nasty distortion if you type the value in).

A different “disguise” effect is linked to and described in the last post here:

As for your other effects, without hearing any it’s hard to suggest anything.

Yet another “disguise” effect is to use “Change Tempo” to make the track play much faster (say 4x faster) then use “Change Tempo” to slow it down again.