voice comes through after using vocal removal affect

hi! so hoping you can help me. i’m kinda new to this - so i’m sure the problem is mine - i just don’t know how to fix it.

i have read where if vocals are not ‘panned center’ (i think that was the term) that they can’t be removed.

i think that’s what i have. i ripped my track as a wav file, imported it into audacity, used the vocal removal affect/tool. save it as a wav file…

when i play it - the vocal is still there - albeit faint but strong enough that i can hear it easily.

so i’m assuming at this point i have the above issue.

is there any other something that i can do to either get rid of it in its entirety or at least get it even more faint so that the music can kind of help blot it out even more?

oh - and i think i was suppose to tel you what operating system i have - win7.

thanks so much for your time. i appreciate any help you can give me.

btw - i just did another cd and it came out perfect! i really love your APP!


i just did another cd and it came out perfect!

That’s our joke. Somebody will hit that one song that works absolutely correctly and posts a YouTube Instructional Video how to do it. If you use the exact same song they did, yours will come out perfect, too. By the way, that step-by-step split, invert and add thing in the YouTube videos is already baked into the Vocal Removal tool. You don’t need the extra steps.

There’s a lot of songs that fail. It’s not unusual. If the lead vocal has stereo echo added to their voice, the voice will go and leave a ghost echo behind.

As you said, if the voice is not in the exact left-right center of the stereo sound, it will just get missed altogether. The trick doesn’t work at all with a mono, not stereo song. If you started with a stereo MP3 download, you’re likely to be left with bubbly MP3 compression trash.

There are two tools. If you’re on Audacity 2.1.2, there is also Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation… You might try that.


Your other options are too look for an instrumental, karaoke, or MIDI version of the song. Or hire a band, or take music lessons. :stuck_out_tongue:

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