voice change

i’m trying to narrate my own fan fiction. a Sonic fan fiction.
i need a child’s voice (10-12 yrs old or so) - Tails
a teen’s voice (16-ish) - Sonic
another teen’s voice that sounds like the older version of the kids’ voice mentioned above - older Tails
another teen voice with a heavy french accent. - Antoine
a female’s voice with a southern accent. - Bunnie
a mechanical Female’s voice - N.I.C.O.L.E.
not sure how to describe Rotor’s voice… or Sally’s

yes, i know this is probably going to be a LOT of work to make my voice change to all of these voices. though once i know the specific changes to make the voices i should be set. however, that doesn’t change the fact that this is probably some unholy process that will turn me into a little withered husk… i mean it sounds hard, but I’m willing to try if someone is willing to help me.

teen to kid or vice versa may be possible with pitch shift.

Voice actors will be glad to hear there isn’t a foreign accent plugin.

Computers are not very good at changing voices in a way that sounds natural. In spy movies, or science fiction movies, they will sometimes use a computer/machine to make a voice sound like someone elses… It’s not possible in real life…yet. Humans are better at that. Some people are very good mimics. If you are a student, there is usually one good mimic in every classroom that can mimic the teacher! :smiley:

If you want some kind of unnatural or computerized voice, a computer can help you with that. Sometimes the TV news will interview someone who does not want to be identified and they will scramble/alter the voice. You can tell the voice has been altered and that’s more like what’s really possible.

That leaves two choices. “Do” the voices yourself, or find other people (family & friends?) to help you.