Voice Acting problems!!!

Okay I need help. Some context, i had a stroke a few years ago and lost my speech with it. its been a long time and my speech therapist said it would be a good idea for voice acting or va. I went too the Casting Call website and i could upload one file in my demo reel but i could not load a different one.

It says it cant find the file and when i click the Okay button because it wont let me click anything else, it then says it cant load the file.

The other one loaded no problem.

I want to be a va and i find it helps my stroke a lot.

Any thoughts?

Maybe the website only allows one demo-reel upload ?.

SoundCloud is a free website where people upload all sorts of audio,
(it’s like YouTube but for audio instead of video),
e.g. Voice Over Demo results on SoundCloud - Listen to music

I’m using windows 10 and Audacity 2.3.2

Okay, will try that. Thank you.

If you managed to upload a track recorded on Audacity once to the website,
then the second upload problem is not due to Audacity or Windows.

Can you give us the exact name of the voice-over website ? , (i.e. the bit before dot com in the URL).

[ BTW you should never front-up any money to casting websites ].

Sure its Casting Call Club. Will link my page.


It is free. I think your’e right about the one only thing.

Other contributors have more than one demo reel …

So some other upload problem, (not a one track limit).

BTW overall your demo is too quiet compared with other CastingCall members.
If you apply Audacity’s (soft) Limiter set to -6db 10ms with make-up gain enabled
that will make the volume more typical,

I investigated the website for you. It’s very simple to upload more than one file. In fact, it’s so easy and poorly programmed you can actually just keep uploading the same audiofile over and over by mistake.

Click your portrait icon on the top right of the website (I did this on PC Chrome browser so it might be elsewhere on mobile or other browsers). Choose ‘My Profile’

On the page that loads, you should see your demo reel. Right at the top, in what appears to be orange, it says ‘Add Demo’. This is a hyperlink. Click it and it opens up a window to upload a new file. Be careful because if you keep hitting ‘Save’ it will keep adding the same file to your profile.

I already switched to Sound Cloud. It’s so much easier. Thank you for your help. I better get to bed cause i have too travel tomorrow.