vocoder plugins anyone?

Hey, I’ve had audacity for about a week, and i’m really heavy into daft punk and stuff like that. so i was wondering if anyone would know where I might be able to find a vocoder to get that kind of sound? I’m looking for that…not so cheesy, 80’s sci fi robotic sound, but that smoother sound…like that of the song “Digital Love”. And possibly explain how I go about getting it into my Audacity? Sorry, I’m kind of a newb… :confused: PLEASE HELP! Thanks…

We beat up this Vocoder thing a little while ago. Keep reading through this. It hits a lot of good points for people wanting to do this.



okay, so i got my vocoder and everything, now I’m having the same problem as tomekkr, only i don’t run off of a mac OS, i have vista. now I’ve tried to use the mix and render, but even after that, it still says nyquist cannot return audio. can anyone help me out with this? Sorry to be a pain, but this doesn’t make sense to me…

The vocoder works on one stereo track.
Is that how you are applying it?

If you still have a problem, please give a detailed step-by-step account of what you are doing, use the “Debug” button instead of the “OK” button on the vocoder, and include the full error message in your post.