Vocals Reduction and Isolation: not working with me

Years ago I used Audacity with success.
Now I’m trying to remove vocals from a song, but whenever I try I receive the message (enclosed) “Vocal Reduction and Isolation - Nyquist returned the value 120”.
I’m using a MacBookPro with the latest release of Monterey installed.
Can someone help me, please?


What is the exact version of Audacity that you are using? (look in “Audacity menu > About Audacity”)
What settings are you using in “Vocal Reduction and Isolation”?
Are you applying the effect to one track or more than one track?
Are you applying the effect to a mono track or a stereo track?
What is the sample rate of the track(s) (look in the panel on the left end of the track for a number such as “44100 Hz”)

If you run the effect with the “Debug” button instead of the “OK” button, a diagnostic window should appear after you dismiss the error message. If there is anything in that diagnostic window, please copy and paste it into your reply.

How long is the audio that you are trying to process?

Hello Steve,
sorry for the delay in my answer.
I thought the system would automatically alert me to a response, but that’s not what happened.
The version of Audacity is 3.1.3.
The setting used is Remove Vocals.
I’m applying effect to one track.
I’t a mono track.
The sample rate of the track is 44100 Hz.
In debugging, after receiving the message “Vocal Reduction and Isolation - Nyquist returned the value 120”, if I click on OK i see the message “error: unbound function - GET-DURATION”.

The total audio is 3:30 long, but if I try to apply the effect on a smaller selection, I receive the same message.
Thanks a lot for your attention.


Vocal isolation/removal in Audacity can only work on stereo tracks.
To pick out the vocal from a mono track need other software, e.g. Spleeter