Vocals out of sync

I typically import pre-recorded music tracks, on my Mac, into Audacity and then record my vocals with the music playing through my ear buds. I recently upgraded to 2.06. I recently upgraded to Yosemite. The first thing I noticed is the recorded vocals are out of sync with the pre-recorded audio track. Before upgrading to 2.06, I found that the Apple prompts quit working with the Yosemite upgrade. Any workarounds would be appreciated.

This is nothing to do with the topic you posted to, so I started a new topic for you.

Vocals being out of sync is no great drama. Yosemite may be quicker or slower to do things, so this changes how quickly it is able to lay your vocals down. To correct the sync, use Time Shift Tool or do the Latency Test to measure the new latency then adjust the latency correction by that amount in Audacity’s Recording Preferences.

Do you mean “2.0.6”? Do you mean Apple Audio Unit effects in Audacity? Audacity does not officially support Yosemite yet, and Audio Units not working in Audacity is part of the reason.

If Audio Units are a big concern then you could try the latest 2.1.0-alpha build from the top of the following page:

Those latest builds have a possible fix for the Audio Units problem.

Be aware that alpha builds may have bugs and may not be as stable as release builds. If you do test those builds, please let us know of anything that does not work properly.

If you wish you could visit http://audacityteam.org and at the bottom of that page, subscribe to our announcements mailing list. You will then be e-mailed when there is a new Audacity release and can check the home page as above to see if the new release supports Yosemite.

If you really have 2.06 then you don’t have genuine Audacity and you should redownload from one of the links above.