Vocal Remover Isolation Effect Not Available?


I am attempting to isolate vocals from a song…vocals that I want to use for a separate project.

In a tutorial, I’m told to go to Effects, and then click on “Vocal Remover.”

However, I don’t have that option under Effects.

I’m using a MacBook Pro with Sierra…and just downloaded the latest Audacity.

Is the “Vocal Remover” option no longer available? I’m watching a tutorial from 2013.

If not, is there an Effect that’s similar to the Vocal Remover option on the latest Audacity?

I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you!


Sounds like you are trying to follow an old tutorial for an old version of Audacity.

Unless you tell us the actual version number (from Audacity > About Audacity), we don’t know which version you mean because we don’t know where you downloaded from. Even on the official Audacity website we have “nightly builds” and “beta” versions in addition to the current release version.

The Vocal Remover effect is still available, but it has been superseded by a new “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” effect (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/vocal_reduction_and_isolation.html)

That’s ancient :wink:
Try the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_vocal_removal_and_isolation.html

There are two effects that deal with isolating or removing centre-panned vocals.

There is Vocal Reduction and Isolation effect.
There is a tutorial on using the above effect.

There is also Vocal Remover but this is considered a “legacy” effect, since the “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” effect does everything it does, and more.

Finally, note carefully the disclaimer at the top of the tutorial page:

This page describes techniques which, on > some > stereo tracks, > may > allow you to remove or isolate vocals (or other parts of a recording) from the rest. There is no universal, reliable way of doing this without having the original multi-track recordings.

– Bill