Vocal Removal

Moving this here so that it does not get lost:

From a comparison of the Audacity Vocal Removal effect with the Karaoke LADSPA effect:

vocalremover.ny (3.71 KB)

Since we’re changing Vocal Removal. I’d like a different pan pot. “Follow the Singer.” Suppose the singer isn’t in the middle? The current tool is wedded to Middle Cancellation, but if you change the ratio of left to right, you can “find” a singer anywhere in the performance and cancel them.

It may be necessary to limit the range so as to not have the resulting music track be All Left or All Right, but maybe not.


Any thoughts for Vocal Isolation?


This works in theory, but in practice I think it would be very difficult to “find” the correct pan position.

Attached is a plug-in for you to play with called “Panned Sound Cancellation…”
Can you work out a good way to “find” the right pan position?
PanSoundCancellation.ny (475 Bytes)

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It’s expensive, it’s fiddly, but it’s one of the few that actually work.

I love the voice trap plug-in:
http://www.cloneensemble.com/vt_main.htm It’s not fully functional in the free version but is still very useful with some audio material.

I wonder if we shouldn’t implement some of the features proposed by Koz.

  • Stereo output
  • Choice Control for remove or isolate of the vocals
  • width of the center portion removed
  • optionally, the sound’s position in the stereo field.

Some of the points require an innovational and open minded approach because they are harder to program than to put down in writing.