Vocal removal on old movie mono recording (Judy Garland)

Hi Friends,
I desperately ant to sing to Judy Garland but I get the file loaded fine and removal process appears to happen but what I get back is strange alien garble.

I have Windows home Premium 7
Audacity 2.0.5

and the song is Dear Mister Grable - just thought I’d let you know as I was wondering if it was the particular file and where I got it from. however and of course
the file is mono and very very very thin…I’m about to think it’s impossible and I also dont want to sing over her.

Anybody have a notion on what to do or where to go to get over this?


It can’t be done with mono. The Vocal Removal effect works by subtracting right from left to remove everything* in the “center” (everything that’s identical in the left & right channels). With a mono file, everything is in the center.

If you have a stereo file, Vocal Removal can be fun to play with, but it rarely gives “professional” results… There are usually important centered instruments that also get removed, and often some of the vocal remains (especially out-of-phase reverb).

Try to find a Karaoke or MIDI version of the song. MIDI uses synthesized instruments, so there are no lyrics. Audacity doesn’t support MIDI, but you can record the MIDI into an audi file as it plays, or there are applications for converting MIDI to WAV.

A Karaoke or MIDI file won’t be the exact same performance or recording, but you’ll have a higher quality, modern, stereo recording.


  • You can select a frequency band, but the vocal frequencies are similar to most instruments.