Vocal reduction and removal

Does anyone know why I can’t find the “voice reduction and isolation” in effects and special on macOS anymore? Some people seem to be able to find it in effects and under special but I cannot find it no matter where I look

I generate or open something on the timeline.

Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation. But there’s a trick to it. My Effect menu cranks through the alphabet, A to Z, twice. Vocal Reduction is clear at the bottom of the second alphabet.


That effect is no longer shipped with Audacity 3.5 and later.

You can download it here Filters and EQ | Audacity Plugins . Scroll down.

Note the warning on the download page: this effect can sometimes cause data loss on macOS (probably why it was removed from the distribution). The data loss occurs only when the track your are applying it to is in 32-bit float and there are perfectly silent portions in the track. Use with care and check your results before saving. Details of the bug are here [Plugin issue] Nyquist effect “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” outputs NaN samples at silent parts and sometimes at random · Issue #5864 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Once you have downloaded the file vocalrediso.ny you can install it using the Nyquist Plugin Installer Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual