Vocal reduction and isolation

I must be doing something wrong, because my two attempts yesterday did not get posted. Fortunately, anticipating that, I kept a copy. Here is my 3rd try,:
I thought I had already posted this question just now, but I can’t find it here. Therefore, here is the missing question: Whenever I try to use “vocal reduction and isolation,” I get the following message: This plug-in works only with stereo Tracks.” Is that the Final word? Is there no way to remove vocals from mono-tracks with Audacity?Vocal reduction and isolation
(Sat Jan 15, 2022; 4:55 PM)

Is that the Final word?

Yes, it is. You’re stuck. Vocal Reduction and Isolation uses the Left and Right sound of a voice in the reduction process. No Left and Right, no Reduction.

If you have a mono track, that puts you in the rule that Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments, and sounds. It works that way for two-track mono, as well. Left and Right with the same thing on both tracks.

The other tools aren’t much good either. Noise Reduction and Filter Curve try to pick out individual tones and expressions in the performance. Voices have tones all over the place and are almost impossible to isolate.

That’s why one good way to kill a good quality sound recording is leave the TV on in the next room by accident. There’s no recovery from that.


Thank you. I was afraid that I’d have to post my question a 4th time.

I was afraid that I’d have to post my question a 4th time.

Easy with that. The forum is a bunch of people helping each other across multiple time zones. It’s not a formal, paid, corporate help desk.