Vocal Pitch Change

I’m not sure but I want to check to see if this is possible with Audacity.
Let’s say I record a track at the Normal speed (music).Now I want to sing over it.Cool I can do that.
But What if I want the Vocals to be Higher in Pitch;like say for Instance it would sound like A Chipmunk or a Child or someone younger or with a Higher Vocal range than you could do.
Could this be done and have the vocals higher (or lower) without changing the speed of the 1st Music Track,and if so,How would you record it? I know effects have to be added in later,like Delay,Chorus,Reverb etc. But What I would like to be able to do is have the Vocals Higher or Lower without Changing the track 1.
On a 4 track what we used to do is use the Pitch Knob to slow down the Tape during Playback of the Orginal Recording and Record the Vocals while te 1st track was playing slow and Sing the Vocals at the same slow pitch and recors it like that.It sounds Goofy at first but when you take the Entire Recording and Bring it all up to speed again Both Tracks will Play:The 1st Musical Track will be Normal at standard Concert Pitch while the Vocals will be Higher in Range like A Chipmunk was singing.I wonder if this is how Alvin and the Chipmunks Did it! But they weren’t using Audacity either LOL.
Just Wanna see if there is any way that could possibly be done.I know it can be done with an Analog Tape 4 Track but I don’t know if possible with Audacity.
Would Appreciate and Help/Comments/Suggestions.

Well I haven’t gotten any replies on this so I am taking it that it probably can’t be done.There are some Vocal Tracks that I don’t think I have the range for and I wanted to change the Pitch without changing the Key I am singing in that the Music is in.
Maybe Digitally it can’t be done.
Oh Well.
I was just checking.I have had this post up for like 9 hours now and 5 Views and no one has replied.
Oh Well!
Is there another forum where anyone might know how this can or can’t be done?
Either whoever has visited my post is either stumped and doesn’t have an answer or they simply don’t feel like replying.I at least expected some one to say wether or not it could or couldn’t be done.Maybe I’m in the wrong time zone and everyone is asleep or something but it looks like I got 4 Visits to my post so someone read it.
Well If anyone can help or can tell me if it can or can’t be done with Audacity I would appreciate it so I can stop trying to do it if it is impossible.

The forum volunteers live around the world. It could take up to 18 hours to get a reply.


Ok I’ll keep checkin!
Thanks for the reply though Koz

Have I replied to this somewhere else on the forum?
Locking this topic.