Vocal depth effect while recording from a microphone?


I used to record music in audacity through my PCI Asus Essence ST card. The card came with simple software, that would allow me to make my microphone sound “LIVE”, like one would sing in a church. I think you get the point. Now i am using an external USB audio card and it’s drivers do not provide any software, that would emulate the sound of mic.

Now audacity has lots of post-processing effects, like reverb, which can make the voice sound more clear, crisp and whatever. However, is there a tool/option that would allow to directly change the properties of the incoming voice while recording, and not after the recording is done? I want to hear what i sing through my headphones and i want to the sound to have that “room” effect.

Audacity does not apply effects in real time or when recording.

…to make my microphone sound “LIVE”, like one would sing in a church

That’s reverb ([u]reverberation[/u]). There are thousands of different reverb plug-ins, all with multiple different settings/adjustments so the Audacity reverb won’t sound exactly like the one you had.

Most [u]DAWs[/u] can apply effects in real time. Or, you may be able to find a “VST host” that applies [u]VST[/u] effects in real time.

There are [u]mixers[/u] with built-in effects, or you can get a [u]stand-alone effects processor[/u]. Note that this kind of equipment won’t work with a “computer microphone”. You need a stage/studio mic. And most stand-alone processor boxes are line-level so you’d need a mic preamp or it can be used with a mixer.

Just replying to the solution i found: when recording vocals, make two copies of the same record: one should be bare with no effects, sounding ‘‘as if from the center speaker’’ and the other with the desired reverb, sounding ‘‘as if from the rear speakers’’. Combining them together produces a rich, focused sound with pleasant acoustics. I am just stunned that no one here suggested this simple solution. Whatever… Perhaps this will help someone.

If you AutoDuck the reverb version with the bare centre the vocal will be clearer.

What you are referring to is “wet” and “dry” sounds, or one with echo / reverb and the other without.

Try making your own reverb or double tracking using Audacity’s function to “duplicate” a track.

OK, so your vocal track is done (dry with no effects).

  1. Duplicate vocal track using EDIT dropdown menu.
  2. Use the TIME SHIFT tool to advance the duplicate track by 20 milliseconds - thereby creating a delay of 20 milliseconds behind the dry track.
  3. Repeat again to create another duplicate - but advance this one by 30 milliseconds.
  4. Pan Duplicates far left and right. Mix with Dry track using mixer board.
  5. Keep making as many duplicates as your personal taste dictates (and each time advance longer delay in equal increments, eg 30, 40, 50)

WARNING - Noise can creep in if the original dry track is under recorded. This is because each time you duplicate you add another generation of noise to the recording.