Visual Studio 2012 Post-Build Errors

Building latest version of Audacity in Visual Studio 2012 with ASIO SDK (latest) and wxWidgets 2.8.12. Got soruces from TortoiseSVN sync. Getting the following post-build errors:

Error 108 error MSB3721: The command “copy /Y “…plug-insanalyze.ny” …ReleasePlug-insanalyze.ny” exited with code 1. C:UsersDavidDesktopaudacity-read-onlywinny.targets 45
Error 109 error MSB3721: The command “copy /Y “…plug-insanalyze.ny” …DebugPlug-insanalyze.ny” exited with code 1. C:UsersDavidDesktopaudacity-read-onlywinny.targets 45

Upon inspection, I noticed that the file “analyze.ny” doesn’t exist. Is the build process supposed to create this file? Or is it supposed to be included in the sources?



I’ve done a fair amount of work getting vc2012 wxWidgets 3.0 working.

You can get it to build and run by removing analyze.ny from the vcxproj file and adding OpenSaveCommands.cpp.h to the src/commands subproject.

However at least for me it will not load or save an audio file.

I have and I believe Edgar has gotten vc2012 to work almost fully with wxWidgets3.0. For me there are some missing texts so it isn’t perfect. I remember seeing that Edgar is even 64bit?

Talking with the higher ups, VC2012 and wx3.0 will be scheduled for the release after the next release. So prob a few months from now.

Is there a reason you need to use vc2012? Because your best bet is to use vc2008 with wx2.8.


analyze.ny is in the process of being removed from the source. It is a “do-nothing” example Nyquist plug-in. For some reason your project still has a reference to the file – it should not have this reference. The simplest solution would be to get an old copy of analyze.ny and place it in the plug-ins folder (this folder is in the root folder along with src/, tests/ etc.). Alternately, you could edit both the Release and Debug Visual Studio Projects. Another alternative would be to make a copy of any of the other Nyquist plug-ins and rename it.

This should get it up and running.

Basically removes analyze.ny and adds SseMathFuncs.cpp.h and OpenSaveCommands.cpp.h (Steve Parry’s Jan 13 patch).

Audacityvcxproj.7z (9.8 KB)

Getting round the “analyze.ny” issue should be simple if you use VS2008:
View menu > “Solution Explorer…” > plug-ins folder, and just delete “analyze.ny”.

As Edgar wrote, “analyze.ny” is a redundant file that is being removed. It was originally a demonstration Nyquist plug-in that does nothing.

Analyze.ny has now been removed from the two vcxproj files: .