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During the process of adding labels I accidently pressed a keybind that make
every single track tiny (as if it shrunk in-size). How do I make them all to
default-view once again? Also, what keybind did I press to have this happen?


  • All Track-Layers are tiny
  • How to restore them to a bigger default-size once again?



  • keybinding, hotkey, keyboard-shortcut
  • track, layer

I assume you used CTRL + SHIFT + C (Collapse all tracks). You can try CTRL + SHIFT + X (Expand all tracks) but they only expand to the height they had before you collapsed them.

Drag down at the bottom of a track to make it taller.

Also you might want to turn on the Preference “Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed” in Tracks Preferences. Then the tracks won’t be less than about half height, however many you have.


This isn’t the case, becuase I can’t so-called Uncollapse the tracks that are already shrunken in size, but I have to agree that it is collapsed…strange.

If that doesn’t work then you have to manually re-size it:

  • Drag down at the bottom of a track to make it taller

To have tracks stay consistently at a Collapsed size enable the following

  • Preference → Tracks → Check Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed

This isn’t what I wanted. It makes the tracks smaller than the actual

So manually changing the size is the only valid solution at the moment, which
is tought to deal with :frowning:

As I said, the tracks only expand to the size they were before you collapsed them.

If you only had one track it would make that single track taller than default height. That setting fits all tracks within the available vertical space without vertical scroll, but it won’t reduce tracks below a certain height. Once there are too many tracks to fit the space at that minimum track height, it adds a vertical scrollbar.

Do you want to request a setting that makes all tracks default height? It would mean much scrolling up and down in a project with many tracks.


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