Video Recording Audio out of Sync

Hello all! I am a gaming commentator and have just gotten into recording youtube videos. My Microphone is a logitech G230. At first, while recording using my GPU’s internal recording software, I had it set so that both my voice and game volume could be heard. Although, this caused quite a bit of static and white noise to make it into my video. Being a perfectionist, this really pissed me off. My friend recommended I record my voice using audacity as I play (I use the latest version), as I had to set my microphone booster to 0 in order to remove the background noise, and could make my voice loud enough using audacity. Everything seemed to work fine, until I began to edit my video. I realized that the audio was not in sync with the video at all, even though the times are matching up. I have no idea what is going on and I got some really good footage that I do not want to go down the drain. Any and all help is welcome. Feel free to ask further questions so we can solve the issue!

If the error is constant you should be able to fix it in your video editor by moving the audio one way or the other, or by inserting some silence in front of the audio, or by trimming off a bit of audio at the beginning, etc.

If there is drift and it gets worse over time, that can be tough to fix. It could be caused by your soundcard clock not matching your video clock (they will never match exactly… pros use a master clock with pro hardware). Or, it could be audio or video buffer overflow caused by your computer not being able to keep-up with running an audio recording and video at the same time.