video camera light comes on when recording

Hi. Another problem/observation. When I now hit “Record”, the blue LED on my video monitor associated with its video camera lights up.

As this is a different question, I’ve split it to a new topic.

What sort of computer are you using?
What are you trying to record from?
What recording device have you selected in the Device Toolbar (

Windows 10 64 bit on a Dell T3610 with 28 GB Ram.

This effect was not present until I started to use V2.3.3 and the need to delete the following files as suggested in the Post “Missing Effect Items”


Recording by playing a sound file (music) on my PC.

See attachment for recording device details. Using MME. The other choices are Windows DirectSound and Windows ASAPI. Selecting either of these does not cure the problem.

There is the choice of Microphone Array (Monitor Webca or Microphone Sound Mapper input. Selecting either makes no difference.

In addition, the microphone associated with the Webcam is activated.

Had a look at Windows > Settings > Sound and noticed that Stereo Mix Realtek Definition Audio was disabled. I enabled it and selected it in the recording devices option in Audacity. Problem seems to be solved.

Audacity Sound bar.png

Are you wanting to record sounds that are playing on your computer, or are you trying to record from a microphone (or something else)?
The “Stereo Mix” option is for recording sounds that are playing on the computer.