Very Very poor quality when recording.

First of all i’ll explain my set up to you. 2 CDJ 1000mk3s, a djm 800 mixer and serato. To record with audacity, i plug an RCA into the “record out” in the back of my mixer connecting to the “mic-in” on my laptop. Going to my laptop, i go to the control bar, then recordig sound and i turn down the volume of the “mic-in”. Then going to audacity,i turn down the line in. I do realise that im not using “line in” because i don’t have the option of line in on my laptop.

When djing and recording my mixes, my volume lines are no where near the red zone but my mixes are coming out EXTREMELY bassy and distorted, Why? Do i need to buy an external soundcard? What am i doing wrong?


It would seem from your description that although you have turned down the volume of the mic input jack on your sound control panel and in Audacity that the input is being overloaded before these volume controls can have any effect. You need an external line-input USB interface.

– Bill

Thanks alot. I’ll buy one tomorrow. Do i need to set anything up differently with a soundcard?

You also should pay attention to the listing we did on the external sound cards that work OK with Audacity.

The Mic-In on your computer is expecting a weak, wispy, delicate mono microphone signal and you’re feeding it a massive, powerful, loud stereo signal from your mixer. Not a good match. It’s not unusual for the computer sound controls to lose it and go straight from Way Too Loud to off. Gross overload will do that.

USB External sound cards are your friend.