very small movement of an audio file


What would be the best way to minutely shift in Audacity a .wav file so that it will play slightly earlier (or later) with respect to another file. An example would be to shift the beginning of a solo guitar very slightly forward if it is fractionally late in cutting in to the mix - the delay perhaps only just discernible but annoying nevertheless.
Your help here would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

You can select the whole track by clicking just above the MUTE button and use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows). You can use the magnifiers to blow up the beginning of the show and move the tracks around that way for accuracy.


To extend Koz’ post:

The step size can per zoom be set.
In order to do this properly, you should first set the zoom to normal (Ctrl 2)
The Step size is now 512 Samples.
Zooming in halves the amount of samples, e.g. pressing [Ctrl 1] goes from 512 to 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1 sample(s).
[Ctrl 3] does the opposite.

512 samples is only true for 44.1 kHz. At 48 kHz it would be 577 and at 88.2 kHz we’ll have 1024 samples for zoom normal. The actual step size in seconds stays the same though (step size divided by sample rate = time in seconds).

Audacity time-shift tool in action …
time-shift tool demo.gif

Hey guys that’s just great. Many thanks indeed.

Trebor, your video is spot on - can I use the left/right arrows on keyboard to move file? I gather a portion of a whole .wav file can be highlighted and only that portion is moved as your video shows the bottom part of file moving??

Cheers guys

Hey guys I’ve now read up on this matter in Audacity as you have given me links to the area in question. Many, many thanks. I now appear to have answered my own questions so can now try out changes for myself.
I’m most grateful,
cheers, Larney

Which Question?
The keyboard movement is at least not possible, I’ve no idea why this isn’t implemented.