Very-nice [free] VST plugins from Voxengo

Voxengo offers some very good VST plugins for free …

When installing these plugins you are given a choice of what VST type,
In Audacity select to install “VST” or “VST2”, not “VST3”.

Stereo Touch [ pseudo-stereo ] …
Original then presets : “guitar-space”, “guitar-cabinet”, “surround-delay”, “narrow-space”.

16 band graphic-equalizer ( works in real-time in Audacity 2.x.x , see this video for demo ).

“OldSkool” [sic] reverb

Thanks for the info Trebor. I presume that these are all tried and tested (by you) on the current version of Audacity (2.1.1) in Windows?

I’ve tried the three above and they are working in Audacity 2-1-1 running on Windows.
I was impressed with the results obtained with those plugins , particularly as they are free :
no-strings-attached : fully-functional , ( not “crippled” or time-limited ).

Hey guys I have written an article on Free Vst Plugins 2016.
Hope you will like it :

Are all of those plug-ins tested and known to work in Audacity?
Are there limitations to their functionality in Audacity?

I have removed your link as:

  1. Some of the links in your article are dead (404 Error)
  2. Much of the content appears to be only slightly modified forms of articles on other websites.
  3. There is no indication of which of the plug-ins work with Audacity, and I know that at least one of them doesn’t.

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More nice freebies from Voxengo which work in Audacity : two real-time spectrograms …
Voxengo free real-time Analog Spectrogram.gif
Voxengo ''SPAN'' frequency-analyzer.gif

PERFECT , My main issue with wanting to apply EQ is that I can’t do it live time , :mrgreen: