Very NEW... Need help with background noise

Having an issue, I have a WAV file that i’m trying to get the background noise(ceiling fan on high) removed or at least quieter.
I have other questions too but thought id start with this one.
Appreciate any help I can get.

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Don’t get your hopes up, fan noise could be impossible to remove without ruining the other voices/music in the recording.

Thanks i will try that!!!
My only other question is… Is there a way to eliminate a voice? Im trying to eliminate the one closest to the microphone. doubtful im sure but had to ask

Can limit (attenuate) the loudest sounds so they are no louder than anything else in the recording.

Can automatically replace sounds which are above a threshold with silence.

But eliminating one voice leaving everything else untouched is usually impossible.

Is there a way to eliminate a voice?

In general no. “You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg and you can’t un-mix sounds.”

Most natural sounds (including voice) span a wide frequency range and if you filter-out the voice you filter-out everything else in the important “middle” frequency ranges. (If you are not familiar with the concept of frequency it’s related to “pitch”. Bass is low frequency and treble is high audio frequency.)

If one person is speaking at a time, you can reduce (or silence) those parts of the recording.


…There is simple vocal removal “trick” for music (and Audacity has a vocal removal effect) but that’s NOT going to work for you… It works by subtracting left from right (in a stereo recording). That removes “centered” vocals (and everything else in the center). In some cases you can completely remove the vocal, but you don’t a professional sounding “Karaoke” result because other important sounds are removed too. And of course, you can edit the left & right channels independently.

Most modern musical recordings are recorded multi-track (with a separate recording for each vocal and each instrument). That allows them to edit each part separately, or re-record the parts separately, and to adjust the levels independently while mixing. You can’t do that after the recording is mixed.

Pro recordings are still done in soundproof studio, and on-location movie dialog is re-recorded in the studio, because even professional noise reduction software has its limits.