Very low gain (Blue Yeti)

Hi everyone!

I just got my new Blue Yeti (not pro version) microphone, and I was eager to put it to the test. My heart dropped when I noticed that I had to almost scream into the mic for it to pick up my voice. I was expecting more from a product this prizy. And it is such a highly recommended microphone as well. My headset microphone is far better. (Sennheiser G4me one headset)
I`ve tested it in Audacity (of course) & also my recording software, bandicam. (I am using onboard soundcrad. See spec below)
I have also uninstalled the Yeti drivers, numerous times.
All my drivers are current.

The Blue Yeti is set to default device, I also record with the Yeti in Audacity and bandicam. I am using cardioid direction. Gain on microphone 2 oclock, I've tried at 100%, no dice. I dont speak into the top of the microphone either.
Setting in control panel is at 100%, and before you ask, there is no way to add boost to a usb microphone in sound devices.

The gain is just so very low. I have read alot of forum posts and seen alot of videos, but there is just no fix for the low gain.
Seem like there is a fix on mac however. The default main level decibel is set to -23 or something like that. I think this is the case on windows 7 as well. But how to fix that?

So…anyone know what the problem with the low microphone recording level is?

My system:
Windows 7 Home Premium (up to date)
I7-4790k CPU 4.00 GHz
16 GB Ram
64 bit System
Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard

Seem like there is a fix on mac however.

Not that I know of.

I am using onboard soundcrad.

USB microphones don’t go through the soundcard. Do you leave your headset connected while you record with the Yeti?

When you record, do you get a flat line instead of blue waves (attached)?
You’re speaking into the blue logo, right? Does it make any difference where you put the Gain knob? Does it do anything?

Record a test, select the whole thing by clicking just above MUTE and Effect> Amplify (read the top number before you OK) > OK. Do you get blue waves? What was the number? Where were the Audacity recording meters bouncing when you recorded?

The computer is a desktop, right?

Which Audacity?


Need to wait on the attachment.

Given you have multiple microphones connected and you pass the scratch test, the microphone may be just broken. Did you keep the receipts?

I posted before that USB microphones are usually made low volume to avoid overload. I have a good quality stand-alone USB Microphone Preamplifer which turns out to only have 40dB gain instead of 60dB which is usually required. As I wrote the maker (Shure), I would kill to have just 10dB more gain.

Overload is obvious, loud, destructive and permanent. Usually microphones which do that are sent back. Most people assume low volume is their fault and work around it. So Blue wins with quiet microphones.

USB microphones are inexpensive shortcuts and don’t work for everybody. ACX AudioBook mentions them in passing, but they are not the recommended way to capture your voice.


Here. This is a normal recording (given my odd voice).


Thank you for trying to help me.

1 & 3: I get blue bouncy waves when recording but very tiny. The higest peaks are from 0,10 to -0,10 before amplyfi. After amplyfi with default values 20,28 The blue waves peak at 1,0, and it sounds pretty good.

2: I do speak into the Blue logo, with a normal voice, at around 20 cm distance from the mic. The gain knob is working, when I turn it all the way off, no sound. But I should not have to crank it all the way up either.

4: Correct, my stationary rig.

5: The latest vesion.

Scratch test is working, but again to low.

Here is the funny thing. I started the microphone test in teamspeak, and everything is normal. It`s picking up my voice crystal clear, and loud. This really baffles me.

5: The latest vesion.

You still can’t do that. Audacity 2.11 is also the latest version, but it’s bogus and not supported. The Real Thing is Audacity 2.1.1.

I should not have to crank it all the way up either.

You crank it to where it needs to be to record the performance. I’m not completely comfortable running controls all the way up, but if it’s a question of getting the show out the door, that’s what I do. Home style recording systems routinely run at their extremes. I have a USB microphone preamplifier that I have never run at any setting other than all the way up.

higest peaks are from 0,10 to -0,10 before amplyfi.

That’s better than you think. The [default] blue waves only measure the loudest 25dB or so of the sound out of 70 or 80 possible range. So your performance values are very probably normal, particularly if the show sounds pretty good after you boost it.

teamspeak, and everything is normal.

Probably normal in Skype, too. Both of those use very aggressive sound management in order to work perfectly no matter what the conditions. They will not, however, record entertainment/theatrical quality sound.

Did you hit the goal in your postings? Are you reading for audiobooks? If you are, you will be processing your works before submissions. I do really well with this, but I have to adjust my live recorded sound to meet ACX Standards.

If you plan to record gameplay, you may not be using Audacity. Audacity doesn’t do well when faced with game sound management.


I use the latest version, from Audacity.

Fair enough :slight_smile:

If you say so, I take you`re word for it. I just thought it sounded way low compared to reviews on youtube, I am not close to that kind of quality on my mic.

Would a powered usb hub help in any way? Some youtuber recommended that.

I`ve been recording gameplay for a year, and I never record with Audacity, only post editing with noise reduction, normalisation, compression, hard limit , stuff like that. I record with Bandicam which records the game audio in one file and microphone in another file. I bought the Yeti because my old mic broke.

Would a powered usb hub help in any way? Some youtuber recommended that.

That’s solving the wrong problem. Yeti microphones are subject to data signals seeping into the sound. I call it The Yeti Curse or Frying Mosquitoes.

Listen to the background when I stop talking.

You would think a pass at Noise Reduction should take care of this, but this isn’t rain in the trees Hissss, this is a cousin to babies screaming on a jet. Also, this is a very mild case. They get much worse.

Most of these problems are caused by bad power coming up from the computer. Flynwill was able to made the problem go to zero by taking his device apart and connect his own laboratory power supply in place of the computer. A sister of that would be to connect a wall-powered USB hub and the supply will come from the wall, not the computer. We stopped recommending that when someone found a wall-powered hub that in all other respects was unqualified garbage and caused more problems that it solved.

I am not close to that kind of quality on my mic.

Quality or volume? It should exhibit Yeti quality even though it’s off volume.

my old mic broke.

In My Opinion, your Yeti works as it’s supposed to. I would not be able to send it back for being broken. It may not be appropriate to your job.

Replace your old microphone. People get in trouble all the time by upgrading their microphone so the performances are much better. Hold on tightly to what works.


Ok, sweet.
Thank you very much for the help, Sir, much appreciated.

Have a good one.