Version recommendation for PPC Mac 10.4.11

I used to use BIAS Peak to record and clean up LPs. After a few hard drive crashes I had used up my three licenses and can no longer use my program there is no longer any support for BIAS.
I want to start editing audio again and I’m inclined toward Audacity. I have a Macbook Pro with Yosemite 10.10.5 but I want to do my editing on my old G5
(running 10.4.11, non-intel PPC) for various reasons.
From what I see on the audacity web pages is that Audacity v2.0.6 is the most recent version to use in this case and v2.1.1 is for Mac OS 10.5 intel PPC’s. However, further reading in the v2.1.1 release notes suggests that v2.1.1 will also work on the non-intel PPC’s but it may sacrifice the ability to use some audio effects (which I probably don’t really need). I would like to use the most updated version I can while keeping the most integrity to the program regardless of whether I need certain features at this time. Again, I don’t have to have the effects if the fixes and improvements to the higher version would make the trade off worth it.
So, my concern here, now, is what would be the best solution for me as judged by the opinions of the forum here?
And, is there some good reason why v2.1.0 isn’t mentioned as being the latest version for non-intel PPC’s (since it has improvements and fixes from v2.0.6)?

Thanks for any input the forum could provide.

I assume that you are referring to this:

Users on OS X 10.4 and PPC Mac users requiring Audio Units

I think that means that:
Users on OS X 10.4”,
Users on PPC Mac with OS X 10.5 or later that require Audio Units”,
need to use 2.0.6

In your case, as you are using OS X 10.4, you need to use Audacity 2.0.6.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the reply. The portion of the statement, and as you referenced, “…users that REQUIRE audio units…”, seems to infer that if you don’t need audio units (as in my case) that v2.1.1 can still be used by a non-intel PPC. Like I mentioned, I would always prefer a complete item than one that is lacking some of its potential even if I may not use but only a small portion of what that item offers. Kinda like someone who orders a car with every conceivable option even though they’ll never use half of them. But, if the improvement, additions and bug fixes in v2.1.1 are worth more than the detriment of not having the use of some audio units that I may or may not ever have need for, then I’d rather have that less buggy, improved version.

So, can I run v2.1.1 on my non-intel PPC on OS 10.4.11 (assuming that I would only be giving up the functionality of some various audio effects), or will it simply not operate on my non-intel PPC? Or is v2.0.6 the only way for me to go?
Also, I haven’t really been able to pin down what OSx Audacity v2.1.0 works properly with. Since it fits in between the two versions just mentioned can I assume it’s a transitional version that could work on either platform? And since it has improvements and fixes over v2.0.6, would it maybe be a better choice than v2.0.6 if I simply can’t use v2.1.1?

Thanks again.

I think not, but it’s a free download so you can try if you want to.

Thanks again for the reply Steve,

Sorry my attention to this thread seems somewhat inattentive, I work two jobs and have only small windows of time to budget for everything. I DO appreciate your attention!
So, what about v2.1.0, it gets almost no mention, is it not a good version? Is it intended for OS 10.4.x or 10.5.x / PPC or Intel MAC?
Once again, is it a better choice for my system than v2.0.6?

Audacity 2.1.0 was for OS X 10.5 or later, but was superseded by Audacity 2.1.1 (also for OS X 10.5 or later).

Once again, for OS X 10.4, the recommended version of Audacity is version 2.0.6.
For OS X 10.4, the recommended version of Audacity is version 2.0.6.
Audacity 2.0.6 is the recommended version of Audacity for OS X 10.4.
See also: Redirecting to:

Thank you for your response, I do appreciate it, despite the echo thing.

I’m sure you noticed in my initial statement that I understood the recommendation of v2.0.6 for OS 10.4.x. But, since recommendations are not generally exclusive, just recommendations, and my, perhaps incorrect, but somewhat semantic interpretation of the v2.1.1 release notes led me here to hopefully gain some clarity.

“… Audacity 2.1.1 will be the final version to support PPC Mac, but does not support Audio Units on PPC Mac.
Users on OS X 10.4 and PPC Mac users requiring Audio Units in Audacity should obtain Audacity 2.0.6”

A 68000 series processor is PPC Mac, runs up to OS 10.4.x. A dual core intel is also a PPC Mac, starts at OS 10.5. The quote above from the release notes makes no distinction (only, perhaps, implied), it just says “PPC Mac”. This was ambiguous to me.

I want to run audacity on a “PPC Mac” and I don’t have to have audio units. I do not know if Mac OS 10.4.x is run exclusively on PPC Macs. Sooo, I came here for the experience of users to find clarity regarding that technicality as well as the possibility of some who may have tried it on their non-intel PPCs.

You were kind enough to answer and I Thank you for clearing up the ambiguity (my incorrect interpretation) of the statement in the release notes. Thank you also for your opinion of the possibility of using v2.1.1 on my non-intel PPC

BTW I’ve read that when Mac OS 10.5 (intended for Intel PPCs) was released, some non-intel PPC users found they could run 10.5 on their 68040 PPCs with only little loss of functionality despite “recommendations” against it. This type of thing has happened countless times for all manner of systems, platforms, updates and software, and is in part why I came to the forum here seeking the experience of others.

The release notes for Audacity v2.1.0 makes no mention, that I found, of being designed for Mac OS 10.5, a detail of no small importance that I assumed would have been made prominent in those release notes if it were so. Because of this, I was inclined to think it was an update of v2.0.6. I’m sure the systems it was for is made clear somewhere, but I didn’t see anything directly stating that in the release notes. Maybe it was obvious or I suppose I just did’t look hard enough.

Thank you for finally clearing that up as well.

Well, thanks again for your responses, no need to use up any more of your time.
Unless anyone could inject some experience regarding these things I have what I need to know.