Version 3.2.1 - audio dropouts on playback

First day of using the “upgraded” version, and I’m getting audio dropouts on playback, which were not a feature of the previous version.

I’ve changed nothing about my setup apart from updating Audacity. No Windows updates, nothing.

I know the dropouts are not in my source audio, because when I hear one, I backtrack and play over the section again, and there’s no dropout. Then I get another one, a few minutes later, backtrack and replay that section, and there’s no dropout.

Anyone else?

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Hey I have the same problem and just updated to Audacity3.2.1 and Windows 11 previously.
I also am having big latency issues I never had before. Have been adjusting latency preferences to offset. Never had to do that before.

Here too playback dropouts, but with version 3.2 in latest Debian Linux.

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