Various crashing things with my audacity mac...

HI there. Ive been using audacity for a while without any issue. Today, i recorded a 91 minute reading, and as usual asked to export it- and when i tried to do so via my desktop, it said it could not access the target file. I also could not save it, nor the save a compressed version, and it crashed 2x…fortunately recovered the file both time it came back online, but this is quite extreme-im afraid to turn audacity off-and i need some walking through this.

what do i need to do? im using 2.1-i saw another thread involving a plug in-not sure about that…

would love some help as this was a live reading i cannot lose for my client. very very important.

thank you


Are you running Audacity from the DMG? This can cause many problems. Try exporting the project as WAV or FLAC (smaller size but still perfect quality). Try using a file name that only contains a to z characters and numbers. If you are overwriting another file, make sure the other file can be written to.

Also try File > Save Project As… and choose a new name for the project .

Then trash the Audacity version you have and any Audacity DMG that you have then try this instead: . Double-click the zip file to extract the files, then run Audacity from the folder you extracted to.

If that 2.0.5 version crashes please attach the latest Mac crash report from ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ or /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ . Please see here for how to attach files: .

There will probably be a complete 2.0.5 release in about two weeks, but testing the above 2.0.5-alpha version will help us make a more stable 2.0.5 version.


Since i have this macbook pro 2,5 Ghz Intel Core i7 running with mac os X:10.7.5, i cannot use any version of Audacity, I tried 2.0.4, it crashes at launch, 2.0.5 same, 2.0.3 idem. So i think the problem is coming from my machine or mac os.
Is there somewhere a solution to finally use Audacity on my mac?

thanks so much for the replies.
i figured out the issue-i have partitioned my mac since having some ridiculous software episode and having to wipe my hard drive-(nightmare.)

and the desktop version i was pulling up to save the file was from the other side of the partition and i wasnt noticing the circle with a slash through it-

so i was able to complete the process as well as save the original (big relief!!) and i do so appreciate your time in helping me.

i hope not to be back anytime soon…:slight_smile:


Before posting repeatedly about this (I have deleted or disapproved those posts) please consider reading the reply you have already received: Help! Audacity 2.0.4 crashes! - #10 by Gale_Andrews .

If you wish to discuss this further I suggest it would be best to reply in English in that topic above.